Logan Together


The Early Years website: a great resource for Logan parents

A new Early Years website was launched in December – designed for parents to access and find out information, access links and find some avenues for community connection. Check out the bright, bold and engaging site here.

We also set up an Early Years social media page, which we hope will assist parents in Logan by connecting them to information, events, research and ideas throughout the city. 

The aim is for these resources to become a trusted source of information for parents and carers. They have the potential to be a great avenue for Logan Together to communicate with the community, sharing knowledge that will assist in making a great difference in the lives of our kids.

If any partners have ideas for content or links that would be useful to use on the Facebook page, please contact Sharon Worboys or Nat Millar on sharon.worboys@griffith.edu.au or nat.millar@griffith.edu.au.

The Roadmap