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Goodstart Early Learning to share video resources on the Early Years

Logan Together partner organisation Goodstart Early Learning is developing a range of video resources to highlight the value of early education and the importance of the first five years of the child’s life.

Beautifully shot and full of information on the importance of encouraging brain development in babies and young children, the resources will be freely accessible to organisations, academics, educators and parents. The videos will be available with and without Goodstart branding to help ensure the widest possible use.

The videos draw on expert advice, evidence-based research and educator knowledge with the first in the range focussing on revolutionary neurological science of Harvard University’s Centre of the Developing Child.

More videos will be produced over the next 12 months and will draw on the work of renowned early education experts such as Sir Kevan Collins, Dr Jack Shonkoff, Professors Steve Barnett, Charles Pascal, Ted Melhuish, Jane Bertrand and Iram Siraj.

The unbranded versions of the video are available on Goodstart’s First Five Youtube channel or click here to view them now. Goodstart hope they will be shared by individuals, community groups and professionals wanting to advocate for the importance of the first five years in a child’s life.

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