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Harwood Institute webinars: turning outwards in Logan

Harwood Institute webinars: turning outwards in Logan

Are you turned outwards?

That question was in the minds of many Logan Together partners throughout November when they reflected on workshops presented by The Harwood Institute, as we welcomed the team live from the US via two webinar sessions.

The Harwood Institute’s approach to Collaborative Impact has been a source of inspiration to Logan Together, with its philosophy of “turning outward” an integral part of the movement’s actions.

“Turning Outward” refers to having a community- and people-led focus, rather than one focused on image and processes.

We were delighted to virtually welcome the team from the Harwood Institute into Griffith University’s Logan campus for two workshop sessions, attended by a range of stakeholders, service providers, and community members keen to learn more.

The sessions covered the importance of strong communities, working with people who have the will to create lasting change, and focusing on people – not projects – to move forward together.

The webinars were designed to assist organisations, services and the community in identifying how to look outward, collaborate, and engage others on the journey – as well as recognising the difference between solving problems and creating lasting change.

The Logan Together Backbone Team has collected feedback from the sessions and is currently looking at how to expand on the potential of utilizing some of the Harwood Institute’s approach for Logan Together. Watch this space for updates!

For anyone interested in learning more about the Harwood Institute’s approach to collaborative impact, the resources can be found on the Logan Together website here.

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