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Community Connection and Engagement Strategy to guide work

Logan Together

The Logan Together backbone team will bring more energy and focus to community engagement opportunities with the recent adoption of the Logan Together Community Connection and Engagement Strategy by the Logan Together Cross Sector Leadership Table.

The development of the Strategy involved many conversations with parents, organisations, groups and governments to find out what ‘real’ engagement in Logan should look like. We’ve held workshops to imagine the possibilities, written drafts, pulled apart the drafts, had more conversations and workshops – and together have come up with a Strategy we are pretty proud of.

The Strategy is a practical way to build understanding and drive action with Logan mums and dads. It has been developed to support the people of Logan, community organisations and governments to work together in improving life opportunities for kids in Logan.

Newly-appointed Logan Together Deputy Director Sandra Fields said the adoption of the Strategy signals the project is gathering momentum and maturity.

“During the ‘start-up’ phase of the last two years we’ve been in information gathering mode – listening to stories, experiences and perspectives from everyone who could share with us,” she said.

“Now, with this Strategy to use as a framework we can confidently move forward knowing the interests and insights of community are reflected in everything we do.”

The Strategy identifies four key areas of focus that the Logan Together Backbone team will organise around when it comes to community engagement and connection:

  • Going with local energy
  • Affecting decisions of governments and organisations
  • Communication
  • Getting our house in order

Each focus area has set objectives under the Strategy which feed back into the overarching vision of the Logan Together movement. It details the ways Logan Together will engage and connect with community and the resources needed to guide and manage that process.

The Strategy also identifies how the Logan Together Backbone team can build capacity across Logan to support high quality, consistent implementation of projects.

The Logan Together Backbone team has wasted no time in implementing the Strategy, with the first Community Empowerment Agents and Online Engagement Agent already being employed. We are excited about working with Logan Together partners in building on the work already underway across Logan.

Like everything in this ‘pioneering’ space, the Strategy will evolve and adapt and together we will learn and make improvements as we go. The document is in the final process of being formatted and will be on the Logan Together website soon. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

The Roadmap