Logan Together


Logan Get Together feedback is here – and we’re listening!

The recent Logan Get Together attracted attendees from the length and breadth of the community sector as volunteers, Government policy makers, service providers and political representatives from all levels of Government rubbed shoulders and learned from the best.

More than 330 people attended on the day, but many more were left on the waiting list so we were keen to share some of the focus of the keynotes that helped make the day so inspiring.

First to the stage was our very own Logan Together Director Matthew Cox who framed the focus for the day, showing us the building blocks of early brain development and the importance of the right programs targeting children at the right time to produce results. He also laid out the scope of our challenge in Logan as well as reminding us of the progress we’ve made so far. You can download Matthew’s full presentation here.

Next was our first keynote speaker Professor Sharon Goldfeld who asked how we, as communities,  can help deliver on the promise of early childhood when so many children are born into disadvantaged circumstances which lead to developmental and social inequities. You can download Sharon’s full presentation here.

Then came our high tech link up with community empowerment juggernaut Richard Harwood live from New York who helped us identify the keys to unlocking community potential. This very popular session had the whole room buzzing and you can see similar words from him here.

Post event we sent all guests an evaluation survey asking them to rate speakers and sessions, give us brickbats or bouquets as relevant and suggest changes that might make events like this even better in the future.

Happily our marks were good with very positive responses on some key questions:

  • 88% of survey respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the Get Together delivered on their expectations
  • 95% said they would like to attend the next one.
  • 95% of attendees said they would use something they learnt at the event in their role within the next 6 months.
  • 92% of guests were happy with the number of networking opportunities provided throughout the day.

But guests also shared important recommendations for future events. There is always room for development and key learnings from our guests included:

  • More time needed to network and connect via the table talks and breakout sessions. The event could have started an hour earlier at 8.30am, or even run over two days.
  • The inclusion of more community members in the program would have been welcomed.
  • The presence of school leadership teams and teachers would have been beneficial.
  • The opportunity for diverse cultural groups to attend and preference for a non-denominational approach.
  • More opportunity to discuss with other organisations what they are doing

Rest assured we’ll be taking all of this constructive feedback on board and we’ll be keeping it in mind as we plan all future engagement and connection opportunities for the Logan Together community.

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