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It Takes A Village: Logan Together backbone students assist with Goody Bags campaign

It Takes A Village: Logan Together backbone students assist with Goody Bags campaign

A community-driven project, assisting young mums in Logan, will see 300 bags brimming with information and practical items handed out to young mums (under 19) who give birth at Logan Hospital.

The bags are designed to provide a helping hand and source of knowledge to many young women.

Donations flooded in, from a broad range of organizations – and here are our wonderful students, who recently finished up their placements with Logan Together, helping pack the goody bags! We love our students here at the Backbone Team, and they were often found getting stuck in to a range of projects, offering a helping hand and new perspectives.

This kind of priceless campaign is what makes Logan Together great to be a part of – so much so, in fact, that the students have decided to continue their journey with Logan together as volunteers as their placement has finished!

“I really like the idea of Logan Together listening to the people in the community and not having any assumptions about their aspirations but letting the community share that,” said Alex (centre in the picture).

“Usually you have the authority doing what they have assumed the community will want without working with them – so I think this way of doing things is awesome.”

Fellow volunteer Dawn (pictured on the right) agreed.

“I was inspired by the community when I spoke to them,” she said.

“They have a lot of energy, so I really want to help them to achieve their goals and that’s why I want to work with this project. I don’t want to give it up.”

The trio are conducting community listening activities with the Chinese community in Logan, and said they felt inspired by the strength of that community. We look forward to hearing more about their work in the new year.

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