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Early Learning Hubs: A fact-finding mission

Our Director Matthew Cox has been touring the country looking for fabulous examples of early years care – part of a team visiting Tasmania, Victoria and ACT to learn about new innovations in the world of early learning. He shared daily reflections on what he had seen via video message.


Child and Family Centres in Tasmania are pioneering a new way of engaging families – from connecting parents and service providers to giving the smallest members of the family a space to play and learn – and they are a huge success! Check out this video of Matthew’s chat with the organisation’s State Director, and take a peek at one of their facilities. How great would a space like this be here in Logan?


In Melbourne, a new holistic learning philosophy has seen great improvements in outcomes for children and adults.


It’s all about inclusivity in Canberra, where the concept of a Year 0 – Year 2 school is a novel approach to dealing with the early years transition to school The team also visited another engaging child and family centre offering activities, programs and support.

The Roadmap